HTC Preparing For Jelly Bean update for One XL and One S

HTC One XL One S Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update

HTC might be working on Android 4.1 update for its HTC One XL, which is an international LTE version of HTC One X and HTC One S according to Australian carrier Telstra. The carrier’s smartphone software updates page is currently showing “HTC is preparing an update” but doesn’t confirms about the date and when it […]

Install Jelly Bean On HTC One X : Ported

htc one x jelly bean

After the launch of Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) Galaxy Nexus was able to get it, now XDA-Developer memember tgascoigne managed to port the Jelly Bean on HTC One X. The core of the OS is working bit fine but lags some times, and the basic functions like WiFi, camera, and audio are not working. The […]

HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE Shipment Delayed At US Customs


In late December International Trade Commission (ITC) put the ban on HTC Android devices because of infringing upon one of Apple’s patent #5,946,647 on importing the number of HTC devices. That certainly halted the shipment of HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G at US customs as the agency is doing further investigation with Apple […]

Root AT&T HTC One X With One Click


HTC One X powered by Snapdragon S4 has finally been rooted by the developers of XDA forums. Previously it was believed that the HTC would not be unlocking the bootloader for the AT&T version of the One X due to some restrictions, but it didn’t took that long to root the HTC One X with one single click. At XDA-Developers […]

HTC One X will Launch in India in April

HTC One X in India

  You might be aware that HTC One X is going to be in Stock in April 5th in Britian, with that HTC is also going to launch there first smartphone with quad-core processor in India somewhere in April, or might be after launch in Britain. HTC India has announced about it in there official Facebook […]

HTC One X will be in stock in Britain From 5th April


Lately HTC announced about the release date of ICS in its various devices which you can check here if your HTC device is included or not. You might be also aware of the root of HTC one X before its official launch, now but we have some idea when it will be coming. It will […]