Best Non Stop Running Games for Android 2013

Posted on Mar 24 2013 - 8:20am by Pawan

After the Angry Birds, it was the Temple Run which got such a great popularity. People really like the game and played for hours which made the game one of the most popular or trending game ever on android or iOS.

There is not just Temple Run available at the GooglePlay store but there are lots of non-stop running games out there. So you can try them out on your smartphone or tablet.

Temple Run (1 & 2)

Both the versions of the game are really good and still the most popular one at the GooglePlay store. Imangi Studios developers had done really impressive work while developing such a simple game.

Temple Run

Game starts with a man trying to save himself from devils after stealing valuable from a temple. You need to jump, swipe (left, right and down) and collect coins.

The second version of the game has got improved graphics and the game play has also been improved. The game is in the list of most addictive android games and both versions are available for free. [Download]

Temple Run: Oz

If you like purchasing games or apps then this one is the best running game available. The story plot of the game is identical to that of Oz movie that was also developed by Disney.

Temple Run: Oz

The game play is really good and it’s the graphics which are the main attractive thing. Disney has developed the graphics of very high quality that makes the game really worth of its price tag. [Download]

Subway Surfers

Another popular running game for your android device and the game is trending in 2013. You need to run as fast as you can while moving left and right collecting coins.

Subway Surfers

The game play is not very unique but the graphics are very unique. The audio synchronization is so well that you will find addicted towards the game easily.

The game is available for free at the GooglePlay store and there are different levels inside the game. [Download]

Jetpack Joyride

This game is from the developers of Fruit Ninja and it is a very popular one. The game story is unique from the above games and the graphics are really impressive.

Jetpack Joyride

The story starts when a man gets jetpack and then starts running to complete three missions. Once you start completing levels then it will increase your levels up in the game.

The game is available for free and you’ll find yourself addicted with the game in very short period of time. [Download]

Angry Gran Run

If you’ve played all the above games or heard about them but not excited to play then you must try this one. It is having a different story plot but it’s the same running game and available for free on GooglePlay store.

Angry Gran Run

You’ll be running as an old granny in the game who is very angry and you need to jump, dash, run and save granny from lots of obstacles.

I must say the developers had done an awesome job while developing graphics and other things of the game as it is really crazy playing it. [Download]

Run Like Hell!

Slide, climb, run, jump, crawl, dash and save your soul from hungry savages with lots of weapons like spears. You need to run really fast to clear levels and grab lots of coins to create records.

Run Like Hell!

The graphics are very vibrant and colorful and the audio sync is perfect with the game video. In short, you’ll find addicted with the first play. You can download it for free from GooglePlay store. [Download]

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