What new android phone models are there?

Posted on Dec 2 2012 - 9:42am by Pradeep Bhandari


The scope and choice of new mobile phones is intriguing right now.  There are a host of new design quirks and gimmickry as well as some genuinely great technology.  The one thing the majority of new mobile phones have in common though is their striking aesthetic appeal.
Technology seems to be finally moving on from exhibiting products through flashes of colour and shiny shells and the product itself is now becoming the focal point of the design.  Build quality and elegance seem to be the order of the day.
The new HTC One X/One X+ is a prime example of this.  The 4.7 inch screen sits on top of a chassis which is so thin as to barely exist.  The screen itself is one of the sharpest, best defined screens available; making the phone one of the most striking pieces of consumer technology currently available.
A cursory look at the HTC One X tells you that the phone is clearly competing in iPhone/Galaxy territory.  It has that build quality and elegance that one has come to associate with superphones at the higher end of the market.
The new Sony Xperia T and Nokia Lumia 920 mobile phones share this distinct ‘superphone’ quality and are similarly elegant.  The Xperia T was James Bond’s choice of phone in the new film and judging by its sleek black chassis it’s easy to see why.  On the technological side the Sony benefits from a large 4.6 inch Bravia enhanced display  giving it a distinct sharpness, but one of its main selling points may well be the incredible 13Megapixel camera.  Cameras are big selling points on mobile phones today with mobile phones now fulfilling the role as many users’ primary camera.
In comparison the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 have a similar visual appeal – the iPhone has a robust organic quality but the S3 has a more space age quality which is probably preferable for most modern day consumers. You can also get a good deal on one today at http://www.phones4u.co.uk online or in store.

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