Sprint Now Supports Carrier Billing For Google Play Purchases

Posted on May 17 2012 - 7:27am by Pradeep Bhandari

Google Play

Earlier this year made a huge change in his App store from changing its name, design and including Books, Movies and Music for purchase for the users. Two weeks before it also announced a option of carrier billing, and few of the carriers already started providing this functions like T-Mobile and AT&T. Now sprint has also jumped in to provide this service to there users which helps the users to purchase Books, Movies, and Music from Google Play (earlier android market) and pay for the purchase directly from there phone bills, that leaves Verizon wireless as the only major carrier in US who doesn’t support this carrier billing service for there users.

This service certainly helps the users who doesn’t have Credit Card, or don’t want to enter 16 digit number every time they purchase anything from Google Play. We hope that these services starts soon for everyone.

[Image Credit: Android Police]

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