SIII Craze : One More Samsung Galaxy SIII image leaked

Posted on Mar 18 2012 - 4:43pm by Pradeep Bhandari

Samsung Galaxy SIII

In the saga of Samsung Galaxy SIII rumors, there is another image leaked of SIII. The image was posted on Reddit, by a guy with a friend who works at Samsung. He said

He said that it will possibly have two optional launchers, ICS with touchwiz overlay and vanilla ICS. They aren’t 100 percent sure if they will stick with touchwiz or have the dual launcher option. If they go dual, you will have the option of picking which one to use at startup, and you can change any time. He said it has a 4.7 inch screen that nearly takes up the whole phone, but some bezel space was needed for the camera, speakers, mic, and so cases would fit on it. He said it WILL be HD and have a ceramic “micro arc oxidation” back.

Though it is still seems to be a fake or a rumor, whatever you want to say. As there is nothing been official from Samsung about the look and the release date of it. Subscribe to our feeds and follow us for more rumors 😛 and get updated about the official release of Samsung Galaxy SIII.

[Source: Reddit]

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